Copyright Policy

This copyright policy applies to any content on and any other content put out by Dimond Baptist Church.


We want to make it easy for you to share our content while also maintaining control over the quality of those resources shared. We would be greatful if you would abide by these rules.

Online Sharing

You are welcome to share and link to our audio content, but you may not host that content on any of your media channels. You may not create or use edited versions of our media without permission.

Offline Sharine

You are welcome to copy our audio content onto CD and other digital formats without prior permission as long as you: duplicate and distribute only full-length audio works; do not edit the audio content in any way; do not charge anything for the content (even to recover your costs); include on the copied material the title of the work, "Copyright [the year of the work] by Pastor Matthew L. Grim. Used with permission from Dimond Baptist Church", and ""; do not include your own contact information on the duplicated content; and do not rebrand or modify Dimond Baptist Church's logo or graphics in any way.

We reserve the right to modify these permissions at any time.


You must recieve written permission from Dimond Baptist Church to copy or distribute any of our other content.

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